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Data set

Short description

The data set contains morphological measurements of 234 fresh water crabs.The material has been collected in various river systems (Jordan, Orontes, Khabur, Euphrat) and throughout Italy and Greece. Measurements have been taken on the carpax (the body of the crab),

measurements on the carpax

on both chelae

measurements on the chelae(the "scissors") and one of the legs, the fifth walking leg

measurements on the leg.

The detailed measurement parameters can be seen from the illustration.Each measurement has been taken three times using an electronic caliper which was feeding the data directly to a spreadsheet.

Naming conventions:

trailing 1, 2, 3: measurement repetitions
ScL for left scissor
ScR for right scissor
Sex: 1 for male, 2 for female, 3 for juvenile

Original location

Previously unpublished data from the collections of the Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg (Frankfurt a. Main) and the Museum of Natural History, Tel Aviv:


Tab separated ASCII text. Missing data are encoded as empty cells.


(1.4MB) <> URL:


D. Brandis for (Biology) or G.Sawitzki (Statistics)
The data analysis has been done using DataDesk