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The NetWork Project

Asynchronous Distributed Computing

G. Sawitzki, StatLab Heidelberg

A demonstration of NetWork is available as video: video Real or Windows media.

NetWork is a protocol for asynchronous distributed computing. It does not suppose a guarantied environment, nor does it suppose a homogeneous environment.

message protocol

NetWork can be used on losely coupled systems, in particular on personal workstations. It is particular useful for distributed implementations of asynchronous iterations.

A model implementation is available for the Macintosh and can be downloaded as a binhexed file. The model implementation includes Spinning Brain, a distributed neural network for image reconstruction.

Spinnin Brain screenshot

An introduction to NetWork is available as PDF file: G. Sawitzki The NetWork Project: Asynchronous Distributed Computing on Personal Workstations. Published in: develop 11 (Aug. 1992), p. 82-105.