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Voyager home page.

Voyager Beta Distribution

At present, Voyager is in alpha test. Alpha software is distributed on CDs or available on our server for registered alpha test partners only.
We are exploring technologies for an open beta testing.

If you have a JUICE plug in installed, you should see a clock with random time below. On each launch, a random random generator is selected. You should see a new random sample approximately any second. You can get a new random number generator by clicking in the upper segment of the clock. You may get more information by clicking in the lower segment.

For another example, see the Bertin matrices, which was presented at SoftStat '97.

We are exploring technologies for an open beta testing, and JUICE is our favourite technology. JUICE allows to run Oberon modules over the net. To read JUICE files, you need a recent Oberon S3 system, or a JUICE plug in for your favourite WWW reader. As of today, the recent S3 system is S3R2, and JUICE has version 1.1. A link to recent JUICE readers is provided on our Oberon page.

Since we are exploring this technology for future distribution, we would appreciate error reports and feedback to